Kindergarten through first grade students take the Moby Max assessment to gauge their academic development. Students in grades 2-8 take the CTP exam annually in order to evaluate their progress in various subject areas.The CTP (Comprehensive Testing Program) standardized test is published by Educational Record Bureau and is widely considered by educators to be top-of-the-line among standardized tests. The CTP measures both academic achievement and conceptual knowledge/aptitude.  

8th graders take the College Board's PSAT 8/9 as an exit test to predict high school success on college admissions testing. Since the school began to use the PSAT 8/9, HDS students have performed well on this measure and are ranked as "on target for college readiness" in every tested category.

In addition to the CTP and PSAT exams, the middle school students participate in the American Mathematics Competition through the Mathematic Association of America (MAA). Also, our 7th and 8th grade students will take the  National Latin Exam at the end of the school year.

PARENT GUIDE- Understanding your child's primary grade report

PARENT GUIDE- Understanding your child's individual subscore report

Below are the graphs representing test scores from our current school year.

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CTP All School 18-19.png
CTP 2nd Grade 18-19.png
CTP 3rd Grade 18-19.png
CTP 4th Grade 18-19.png
CTP 5th Grade 18-19.png
CTP 6th Grade 18-19.png
CTP 7th Grade 18-19.png
CTP 8th Grade 18-19.png