Hickory Day School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all annual fund donations are tax deductible. Click the link above to make a contribution to the HDS annual fund.  Alternatively, you can contribute simply by shopping at Amazon Smile or by participating in the Lowes Cart to Class program.  

If you would like to donate specific items to our classrooms and campus, our Wish List can be found here. Thank you for your support of Hickory Day School! 


A Letter to the Hickory Day School Community

Dear Hickory Day School Families, Faculty, and Staff,

Thank you so much for your generous contributions toward the 2016-2017 Annual Fund, Read-a-Thon, and Auction. We accomplished our goal of raising $140,000 in donations for the Annual Fund, and we exceeded that figure by over $25,000!  We had 89% community participation, and we all appreciate the support that our families show continuously in so many generous and helpful ways.

It’s a new school year, and we look forward to your support of our 2017-18 Annual Fund Campaign! The goal set by the Hickory Day School Board of Trustees for this year is $160,000.  We need everyone’s support to meet this goal. We hope to achieve it by January 20, 2018, when we celebrate 25 years of Hickory day School at our Annual Auction, a Southern Soirée!

 “HOW MUCH SHOULD I DONATE?” is a frequently asked question.

The Annual Fund is used to close the gap in HDS’s budget so that we always have a balanced budget.  The national average for private schools is 80% tuition and 20% contributions, and HDS falls right in line with that standard.  Only about 80% of our operating expenses can be paid with the money HDS generates through tuition and fees.  In order to pay the remaining 20%, we raise funds through events like the Annual Fund and the Annual Auction. 


On the one hand, the board and administration of HDS do not want to raise tuition continually and create a hardship for any of our families; however, another great reason is so that our families can benefit from the tax deduction of a charitable donation.  Private-school tuition is not tax deductible; however, charitable donations are tax deductible.  Since HDS is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations to HDS are completely tax deductible as long as nothing of value was received by the donor in return. By maintaining the 80/20 industry standard, HDS can operate in a fiscally sound fashion, and our families get to benefit from their charitable donations to HDS. 

So back to the original question: “HOW MUCH SHOULD I GIVE?!”

This is a personal decision to be made by each family.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.  You should donate as much as you feel comfortable giving.  HDS always appreciates your generosity regardless of the amount!!

Thank you!

Richard Seay, Ed.D.                                                                         Shelley Holtsclaw

Head of School                                                                                  Director of Finance and Business Operations

Hickory Day School                                                                          Hickory Day School